My process

takes a people-oriented approach fueled by thought leadership

I’m process-oriented and my mind always dabbles in ways to operationalize design for the greater good. While I cater my approach to each situation, this is the foundation of my thought process.

Understand + Learn

I tend to approach new initiatives with a beginner’s mindset, so that I can truly listen and understand the request. What I’m looking to learn at this stage is how the project came about and what is hoping to be achieved. While the level of detail can range, I leverage this background to map out a tactical plan for discovery and design.

Define + Align

I take a holistic view to design scoping. My focus is on channeling key discovery insights into areas of opportunity, while also considering product requirements and technical constraints. By kicking off the process in a transparent and collaborative way, it drives alignment- and design thinking.

Ideate + Validate

With a strong foundation for the problem to solve, I find cross-functional team participation in low-fidelity ideation to be an effective way to share subject-matter expertise and generate solution concepts. What I’m focused on at this stage, aside from asking a ton of questions, is creative problem-solving and thoughtful validation- as well as teamwork.

Refine + Handoff

With a growth mindset, I approach design iteration as an opportunity to continuously learn and improve. While I create detailed deliverables that execute on the experience vision, I’m resourceful and efficient, embracing agile practices. With it being a more heads-down moment, I reflect on learnings that can apply to the next design challenge.