May Cheng

UX strategist and experience designer in Chicago. Currently a product design consultant delivering custom software for Fortune 500 clients.

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takes a people-oriented approach fueled by thought leadership.

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I’m a UX/Product Designer with a background in taking people-oriented approaches to drive change. I have a distinct passion for making my corner of the world a better place, through user-centered design.

Working in nonprofits, I was a catalyst for change, focused on shaping learning experiences and building organizational capacity for greater impact. I now channel this thoughtful approach to understanding problems and designing solutions for human touch points in the digital space. I’m a resourceful thinker and a creative problem-solver, driven to make a lasting impact with my work.

When I’m not asking curious questions, I can be found learning a new DIY, traveling to an unfamiliar place, or taking another step towards minimalist living.


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